Time For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

Hi all 😃 My entry for LAPC #111, set this week by Patti: Everyday Objects.

I drew inspiration from Patti for these first shots. I’ve photographed these 2 skeleton pocket watches before, but always seperately; I think they go well together. I had a bit of fun varying the depth of field but also the point of focus with the two sat side by side.

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Fan Off… #21 — Pocket Watches

Hi all 😁 and here’s today’s Fan Of… Pocket Watches. My first pocket watch was bought for me by my parents (thanks 🙏 Mum & Dad), somewhere around 20 years ago. It is a Ford Model T Collector Watch that comes with its own stand, in the form of a Model T and lamp post. The second, my awesome wife got for me (thanks 🙏 sweetie) for my birthday last year. Both are skeleton watches in so much that you can see the inner workings. With the second one, you can see the inner workings both on the face and the back.

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