Time For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

Hi all 😃 My entry for LAPC #111, set this week by Patti: Everyday Objects.

I drew inspiration from Patti for these first shots. I’ve photographed these 2 skeleton pocket watches before, but always seperately; I think they go well together. I had a bit of fun varying the depth of field but also the point of focus with the two sat side by side.


Colour in the kitchen

These next shots were inspired by Tina’s colouful post. Today’s weather is typical of the rest of the summer, dreich! So I thought a bit of colour wouldn’t go amiss & so I sought out two kitchen sets by Joseph Joseph. The first is a utensils carousel.

The second, a nested set of bowls, colander, sieve & measuring cups. Again, I had a bit of fun with depth of field & point of view.

…accompanied by the ever awesome Foos; time, colour & hope in one song 🤘

Have a great week 😃

25 thoughts on “Time For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

  1. Jez, what fun to see your creativity and enjoyment when playing with colors (like Tina does). Your watches are a real treasure and interesting to see the various camera shots!

  2. Wonderful collections, Jez. The kitchenware is so colorful. I love it. And the details of the watches are fabulous. I like your experiments with different focal lengths, too. A visual delight!

  3. This is terrific! I love the different focus with the watches and /i loved seeing their interior workings so clearly. And the nest of bowls! WOW! those colors. You had fun taking these and I had fun looking at them.

  4. Really Jez, you are amazing. I love your choices and the way you tied them to both my post and Patti’s.The colorful kitchenware is my favorite but the watches are beautiful. They look like something we’d see on Antiques Roadshow (do you have that TV show where you live?)

    1. Thanks you so much, Tina 😊 We did have Antiques Roadshow, but I don’t know if it runs anymore. I remember watching it as a kid on a Sunday evening 😀

Great to hear your thoughts 😃