Baby Squirrel: Meet the Youngest Recruit

As our squirrel army grows, we are used to seeing them of all shapes and sizes in the garden. You can pretty much be assured of looking out of the window at any time of the day and seeing one of the fuzzy little troopers. Most of our visitors are of a reasonable size–as shown in the first 2 photos–and we sometimes think that the fence won’t be standing for that much longer πŸ˜‚

The other day, a young recruit turned up, the youngest and smallest that we have seen so far. Obviously, being the youngest, he was regularly chased off the feeder by older, more seasoned veterans. When running off, he never went too far and as soon as the others turned their backs, was back on the box.

A short while after this little guy arrived, a second youngster turned up, slightly larger and a little older. He sat watching the wee guy for a while, before he–like the others–chased him off the feeder. As before, the youngest scampered off, before mustering his bravery and retaking the box as soon as the other one left it.

You can almost hear the Mission Impossible theme tune playing in his head as he goes sideyways along the fence panel to reach the feeder. He was watched closely by the other, whom I think was so impressed that he let him be 😁

A tough wee trooper; a potential General of the future? πŸ€”

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