Glasgow Botanic Gardens: Buildings and Grounds

Glasgow Botanic Gardens are well worth a visit, particularly if you like taking your camera for a day out. The variety of plant life within the glasshouses and outwith is fantastic. The only downside is that you can easily come away with a couple of hundred photos which are then hard to sift through. I definitely have way too many images for one blog so will share them over 2 or 3. This first blog covers the buildings and grounds themselves; the next post will go inside the Kibble Palace.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens Official Site with opening hours.

The first pictures show a map of the Gardens; I thought this might be useful for any prospective visitors, and some of the buildings.

The following pictures are from within the gardens.

Finally, there are some lovely benches from where you can enjoy the views, one of which looks like it is knitted! And of course squirrels; if you do visit, make sure you take some nuts with you as these fluffy little critters will quite happily come to share your lunch with you.

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