Lens-Artists Weekly Challenge #53– Water

Another week and another fantastic challenge from our moderators: Tina, Pattimoed, Amy and Leya. As this is a post of our own choice — I choose water. Having been a Royal Naval Officer for twenty years, my affinity for the blue wobbly stuff is quite high. On a sliding scale, the larger the body of water, the happier I get (so ocean = woohoo 🙌). I presently live away from the coast and always yearn to get back there. When travelling, I still get that feeling of excitement and anticipation from that first glimpse of the ocean as I did as a child. I’m never happier than walking along miles of beach with my wife; come sun, snow, and even horizontal rain (we live in Scotland after all).

Burns and Rivers


Sea and Ocean

The photos above are from Peterhead on the north-east coast of Scotland, where my wife and I lived for many years. Being a meteorologist, I love to see the weather in action, continually changing, and there is nowhere better to see this than at the coast. The north-east coast is more often than not windy, as you can see from my wife’s inflated jacket in the last pic (you can always tell when you are back in Peterhead because everyone walks at a forty-five-degree angle 😂).

The pictures below are from my favourite coastal place, Santa Monica Pier, California. The colours are always so vibrant and the people happy.

And finally! (wouldn’t be one of my posts if there wasn’t a last little ditty and attendant picture 😋). Onto my favourite water, whisky; being Scottish, I, of course, consider whisky to be the uisge-beatha (water of life). So, I raise a glass to our fantastic moderators, and all the Lens-Artists contributors — here’s to another great year; Slàinte Mhath (Pronounced Slanj-a-va).

Uisge-beatha (water of life)

6 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Weekly Challenge #53– Water

  1. Excellent choice for the week, with you 100% on the joy of water (of all types😊). We live on an island where ocean and marsh surround us. We have good friends who live in Santa Monica and visit them fairly often so I suppose we practice what you preach 😊. Thanks so much for your support and participation in our challenges!

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  2. Wonderful collection of your favorite places near water. I was in Santa Monica a few months ago. Great captures of the boardwalk. That’s SM to a tee. Your Scotland photos are beautiful! Thanks for joining us, Jeb, and sharing our travels with us and your love of water. 🙂

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  3. I understand your longing for water as you have lived and worked on it! Personally I love the changing skies by the sea, and as you say, to see the weather in action! Thank you for a great water gallery and your joining in with us! I am just returned from Iceland, where I met a lovely couple from Scotland. They said Iceland looked much like Scotland? Well, I don’t know if I agree…


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