Homemade Mini-Photo Booth

I made the mimi-photo booth because I was taking part in photo challenges on a daily basis. I often need to photograph objects but, being an amateur, I have no access to a studio set up or my own workshop. Often I struggle to get a decent backdrop for the photos and end up re-arranging my shelves to get a plain backing.

To overcome this I decided to make my own mini-photo booth. This was part inspired by when I was building a model Ford Mustang; I got a miniture paint sprayer and built a mini-paint booth to go with it.

The making of it was very simple. I got a reasonable sized cardboard box (shoe box size works), took off the lid and cut out one side. This enabled me to hinge open one side to extend the height of the back.

Next came the sellotape, so much sellotape 😆 to strengthen the booth. Then came the contact paper; also another reason for the sellotape, contact paper doesn’t stick very well to cardboard.

The results are below.

Although not perfect (contact paper and bubbles 😩) it was soon called into service for the following photos for a couple of different challenges 😁

This last pic is of a model of R2D2 and thanks to the pattern of the contact paper (white wood effect), I think it makes him look as if he is standing on laminate flooring, and therefore bigger 😂

Model of R2D2 by Jez Braithwaite
Model of R2D2

3 thoughts on “Homemade Mini-Photo Booth

  1. That is a neat idea! It is hard to find just the right spot to photograph something around here, too. The lighting we have isn’t good. 🙂

Great to hear your thoughts 😃