Homemade Mini-Photo Booth

I made the mimi-photo booth because I was taking part in photo challenges on a daily basis. I often need to photograph objects but, being an amateur, I have no access to a studio set up or my own workshop. Often I struggle to get a decent backdrop for the photos and end up re-arranging my shelves to get a plain backing.

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Fan Of… Daily Post

Hi all 😃 Now that Becky’s #JulySquares has come to and end, I thought I’d challenge myself to post daily something that I am a Fan Of…. I decided to start off with Star Wars, and see where I go from there. Feel free to join in with anything that you are a Fan Of… and post your entries on my daily post.

Star Wars R2D2 bt Jez Braithwaite

How To Join In

  1. Create a Fan Of… Photo Post.
  2. Add a link to your Fan of… blog post in my comment box.
  3. Title your post Fan Of… or add Fan Of… tag.