Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge — Above the Trees

Thanks, Cee 😁 for this weeks CFFC — Trees. Not being fully mobile yet, I was looking through my archives for tree pictures (there are soooo many!!!). I noticed in some of the pictures that there were buildings or structures showing above the trees and so I decided to go with the theme — Above the Trees.

The following pictures were all taken in Glasgow.

The next few photos are in Edinburgh on a dreich (scots for wet/miserable/grey/drizzly) February day; the Old Town and the Castle rise above the trees, with a cemetery in the last photo.

The final photos are of Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument; they both sit on rocky outcrops, towering above the trees below.

13 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge — Above the Trees

  1. Amazing post and pictures! Hope you feel better soon. I can relate because one of my cousins had to have surgery on her foot a couple months ago. She’s still recovering and the last time I saw her when we all were at the family reunion celebrating my parent’s 50th Anniversary she was the only person that was walking with a cast and crutches.

    1. Cast and crutches are a nightmare. I got my cast off last week, but I’ve now got an orthopaedic boot to wear whilst I rebuild the strength in my leg and ankle. Hopefully, your cousin will be out of the cast soon as well.

      1. There was one moment on June 22, when everyone just arrived to the AirBnB and we were all talking and suddenly out of nowhere the rain started falling. Everyone got drenched and it was funny because many of them forgot that she couldn’t run because of the cast and she was like why did you forget about me. My niece and I didn’t forget about her and helped her back to the house. I think she’s out of the cast now.

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