Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #59 — Angles — Looking Up

Hi all 😁 and a big thanks to Leya for this weeks challenge — Angles. My immediate thought for this was looking at things at an angle, usually almost bent double backwards, shooting upwards. Some of my photos also feature the complex angles of structures and how they manage to stand up-right; stays on a mast, stanchions on a bridge.

This last pic was taken from an angle I’m not used to; my recent broken leg meant I was in a chair for a while, so a few of my photos were taken from a lower angle.

Wild roses against the sky by Jez Braithwaite
Wild roses against the sky

Have great week 😁

10 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #59 — Angles — Looking Up

  1. A beautiful set, Jez. All great angles. So sorry to hear about your broken leg. It’s true what you say about it forcing a shift in perspective. I was in a wheelchair for a while years ago and it’s so interesting seeing the world from a lower angle. A great photographic exercise, too! I hope you’re 100% soon.

  2. Love your choices, Jez – and always follow your immediate thoughts must be the conclusion! Some great constructions there, and the possibility of using a broken leg (not literally of course…)to try new angles! I have a slipped disc in my neck so no more upward photos like before…maybe if I broke a leg ? Hope yours is mending fast!

    1. Thanks, Leya 😁 My leg is well on the mend, so back to gymnastics for lower down shots. Hope your neck gets better; definitely wouldn’t recommend​ a broken leg though!

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