Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #63 — Magical

Hi all 😁 My entry for Ann-Christine’s Magical themed weekly challenge.

Great Blue Heron in Flight

Sparkle Sparkle

These next photos were taken using a 6 point star filter which gives the pictures a magical sparkle, even the last two more industrial images.

Unicorn Snow Globe

Now that’s magical πŸ˜‚

Semi Precious Stones

Considered to have mystical healing powers by native/holistic healers.

My Wife’s Magical Little Work Buddy

Have a great week 😁

19 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #63 — Magical

  1. Excellent variety of photos. Snow Globes are something else. ‘Man’ invents balls of glass with viscous liquid and sprinkles, so we can shake and stare like it’s a crystal ball. We have a couple we get out every Christmas.

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  2. wow
    loved this post for a few reasons.
    and one of them is the way you depicted magic was the way magical feels – from the unicorn to the stones – which had a magical vibe with the glisten – which added to their energy potentials as magical healers (which might be more science than we know – stones hold that energy_
    anyhow , going to look back a second time to soak up more


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