Lens-Artists Challenge #65 — Pick a Place

Hi all 😁 and welcome to my entry for this Tina’s challenge — Pick a Place: Arbroath, Scotland.

There were a few places that immediately sprang to mind when the challenge was posted, but one of Tina’s pictures (Arbroath Outer Harbour) made my choice obvious. I’d worked in Arbroath, a few times in my Navy days and my wife had holidayed there as a child. This year we spent a few days there and immediately fell for the place. Arbroath is a place where we were so comfortable, that the thought of “we could live here” was in both our minds.

Arbroath is a picturesque sea side town with a small but busy harbour, and a unique “In Bloom” display. The sandy beach stretches for miles and is a peaceful place to walk no matter the weather. The town is rich in history and the location for the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath at the Abbey.

I hope these pics will give you an idea of the place we saw and fell in love with



Arbroath in Bloom



Abbey Ruins

Signal Tower & Lighthouse Museum

21 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #65 — Pick a Place

  1. Beautiful collection of what appears to be a place I should put on my list to visit! I always enjoy the “Bicycle as floral device” images and have collected a few of these over the years myself. 🙂


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