Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #66: Filling the Frame — Literally

Hi all 😁 This is my entry for Patti’s Filling the Frame Challenge.

I thought I’d have a bit of fun and take it literally; so out came the light box, found a photo frame, put random objects in the frame to fill it and took pictures. Enjoy 🤪

30 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #66: Filling the Frame — Literally

  1. You really have it, Jez. By that, I mean that you have a gift, and I feel so lucky to know you and to be able to share it with you. Beyond brilliant technique, you have a gift of the eye. You envision things and make them happen. Beautiful things. God bless you! Russell

  2. No this is cheating (excellent cheating though). Great idea. I assume you know that saying about tomatoes. Knowing a tomato is actually a fruit is called knowledge – not putting it in a fruit salad is called wisdom. And adding to that – framing them is called being creative.

Great to hear your thoughts 😃