Haggis — Animals in Scots #29

Hi all 😁 A nice simple one in honour of St Andrew’s Day — Haggis (haggis πŸ˜‚), or in Scots Gaelic: taigeis.

Haggis in some other languages; Catalan: Haggis, Basque: Haggis, Danish: Haggis, Estonian: Haggis, French: Haggis, Icelandic: Haggis, Latvian: Haggis, English: Haggis, Swahili: Haggis. Even in Latin, haggis is haggis! Let’s face it, a haggis is a haggis, no matter where you are! Try saying haggis that many times after a whisky 🀣

Haggis by Jez Braithwaite

All the Scots words for these posts are taken from The Concise English-Scots Dictionary, by the Scottish National Dictionary Association. The words chosen will be the generally accepted term, but as in all languages there are regional variations, as well as sub-species variations. For example, an owl is generally known as a hoolet in Scots, but an ool in Shetland & the NE. A barn owl is a white hoolet & a long eared owl, a hornnie hoolet.

With November and Animals in Scots coming to a close (which is good because I’ve run out of animal pictures πŸ˜‚), next month I’m collaborating with my wife, and doing a Random Things in Scots Month; so see you then!

Hae a guid St Andrew’s Day 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😁

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