Haggis — Animals in Scots #29

Hi all 😁 A nice simple one in honour of St Andrew's Day -- Haggis (haggis 😂), or in Scots Gaelic: taigeis. Haggis in some other languages; Catalan: Haggis, Basque: Haggis, Danish: Haggis, Estonian: Haggis, French: Haggis, Icelandic: Haggis, Latvian: Haggis, English: Haggis, Swahili: Haggis. Even in Latin, haggis is haggis! Let's face it, a … Continue reading Haggis — Animals in Scots #29

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge — Animals

My entry for this weeks CFFC -- Animals We have a lot of squirrels visit us in our back yard, so I thought I'd start with them. This first little guy featured in an earlier post of mine. Young squirrel These other guys and gals also visit regularly. I met these next two in Glasgow. … Continue reading Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge — Animals