Rimie Moose Wab — Things in Scots #1

Hi all 😁 and welcome to December’s project: Things in Scots. This month I am collaborating with my wife, Susan (☜ follow this link to see her post), and we’ll be posting daily — Things in Scots (great title eh? πŸ˜‚).

And without further ado, Things in Scots #1 is a rimie moose wab (frosty spider’s web). We’d had quite a hard frost with freezing fog, so naturally it was camera time. There are other words for frost: freest, ringin frost (hard, prolonged), jeel (frostiness), shairp, cog (frost nail), nip-nebs (best name ever for Jack Frost), garb (thin coating of frost). There are also names for hoar frost: haar freest, cranreuch and rind.

All the Scots words for these posts are taken from The Concise English-Scots Dictionary, by the Scottish National Dictionary Association. The words chosen will be the generally accepted term, but as in all languages there are regional variations, as well as sub-species variations. For example, an owl is generally known as a hoolet in Scots, but an ool in Shetland & the NE. A barn owl is a white hoolet & a long eared owl, a hornnie hoolet.

As we do these posts, we’re learning as well; so we apologise in advance for any mistakes ☺️

If any of you out there have a burning desire to know the Scots word for anything πŸ€”, please let us know!

Hae a guid day 😁

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