Cannle– Things in Scots #20

Hi all 😁 and welcome to December’s project: Things in Scots. This month I am collaborating with my wife, Susan (☜ follow this link to see and hear her post).

With December drawing to a close and a few long days at work in the offing, the posting will be somewhat irregular over the next couple of weeks. As we have enjoyed the challenge so much, we will be carrying on in the New Year, but with a weekly (mostly) post instead of daily.

And onto the latest, cannle (candle) is today’s Things in Scots; also know as a caunle.

Cannle by Jez Braithwaite

All the Scots words for these posts are taken from The Concise English-Scots Dictionary, by the Scottish National Dictionary Association. The words chosen will be the generally accepted term, but as in all languages there are regional variations, as well as sub-species variations. For example, an owl is generally known as a hoolet in Scots, but an ool in Shetland & the NE. A barn owl is a white hoolet & a long eared owl, a hornnie hoolet.

As we do these posts, we’re learning as well; so we apologise in advance for any mistakes ☺️

If any of you out there have a burning desire to know the Scots word for anything πŸ€”, please let us know!

Hae a guid day 😁

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