200 Day Streak 🎉

Hi all 😁

I started blogging at the beginning of July 2019 as a time filler whilst recovering from a broken leg; I didn’t quite foresee at that point that it would re-invigorate my love of photography.

So here I am, on a 200 day streak, on WordPress & Microblog, with 862 posts under my belt (or should that be camera strap 😂).

A huge thank you to all my followers 😁 and especially to those that I follow, and all their inspiring posts and challenges 👏

20 thoughts on “200 Day Streak 🎉

  1. Rather amusingly I was on a 300+ day streak when I fell of a ladder and broke my left leg and right arm. I’m back up to 270 or 280 something since the accident.

      1. I suspect as mended as I will be after months of rehab and physiotherapy. The right humerus was basically shattered so had to be left to knit together naturally. I still have restricted movement in the right shoulder and a weaker right arm but it’s probably at 95% of what it was before the accident. There’s also four screws in the left tibia but other than the occasional ache the left leg is okay.

  2. And the most important question you left unanswered: How’s your leg?
    PS: Thanks for your posts. I love looking at them and grab as much inspiration from them as I can!

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