Wow, That’s A Lot

A couple of years ago, I took photos whilst travelling & posted them to Google Maps as a Local Guide. I also added places of historical interest & other missed places, like the Car Park at the end of Loch Long, along with photos. I had all but forgotten about the pics I'd posted until … Continue reading Wow, That’s A Lot

Bee Rescue #2

Hi all 😃 Following on from my rescue of a weary bee with sugar water a couple of weeks ago, I came across another struggling bee in the garden a few days ago. I think this wee chappie had got a bit drookit from a recent shower & was too tired to take off. He … Continue reading Bee Rescue #2

It’s Negative 🎉 — Covid 19 Test Update

Hi all 😃 Just a quick update message! After a somewhat tense 36 hour wait, we finally got our results through & thankfully both were negative -- yay us 😁 We thought that would be the end of it & life would resume as normal, or what has become the new normal. However we're both … Continue reading It’s Negative 🎉 — Covid 19 Test Update

The Waiting Begins — Covid 19 Test

Hi all 😃 Just a quick message! My wife, Susan, hadn't been feeling 100% for a couple of days (98% in her own words) & started to get a bit of a niggle in her throat today; so we started monitoring her temperature & found it was about 1.5℃ up from normal throughout the day … Continue reading The Waiting Begins — Covid 19 Test

Ready to Head Out

Hi all 😃 Since my trip to Palacerigg on New Years Day, we've been back in lockdown & travel pretty much prohibited. My work's also been pretty hectic, so much of my photography has been either inside, in the garden or on my walk to work. I'm finally getting to head out today so have … Continue reading Ready to Head Out

A Decent Shot of the Moon (finally)!

Hi all 😃 This morning sees the last full moon of 2020, so I thought I'd have yet another go at capturing it. Up until today, all my shots of the moon were over-exposed & subject to the dreaded camera shake (even when using a tripod). My awesome wife found a video on YouTube by … Continue reading A Decent Shot of the Moon (finally)!

Ravens in Aeriel Combat on a Foggy Morning

Hi all 😃 Whilst out in Cumbernauld House Park one misty morning, I'd noticed that there were alot of Ravens about; there were groups of them on the snow, as well as filling the trees. These first shots were taken on my way into the park On my way back out, the fog had shrouded … Continue reading Ravens in Aeriel Combat on a Foggy Morning

The Difference of Five Minutes

Still playing around with the slider; I read that it didn't have to be the same image, so I thought I'd use it to show the difference 5 minutes made with the weather

Ominous Skies