Ready to Head Out

Hi all 😃

Since my trip to Palacerigg on New Years Day, we’ve been back in lockdown & travel pretty much prohibited. My work’s also been pretty hectic, so much of my photography has been either inside, in the garden or on my walk to work. I’m finally getting to head out today so have had to check all my gear over.

Ready to go
Ready to go

My basic day out gear:

Snappy (DSLR) with 18-55mm lens (+ lens bag)

Sigma 18-300 lens (+ lens bag)

Lensy with case, glass stand & suction holder

Cross poloriser filter

ND8 filter (haven’t used this one yet, so going to give it a go)

+10 close-up filter (not taking my macro lens — mostly going to be landscapes)

Spare battery

Cross body carrying harness



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