Bee Rescue #2

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Following on from my rescue of a weary bee with sugar water a couple of weeks ago, I came across another struggling bee in the garden a few days ago. I think this wee chappie had got a bit drookit from a recent shower & was too tired to take off. He was struggling through the grass, but every time he climbed a blade to get into the sun, it bent under his weight & landed him back where he started.

My wife mentioned that she’d read about people handling bees when they were tired to help them out so I gave it a go. I put my finger next to him on the ground & he climbed up onto it. I thought that he would hang on there until I got him up onto a leaf or twig in the sun so he could dry out & recharge; he had different thoughts. He climbed up my finger to the back of my hand & promptly took a nap.

Bee climbing my finger
Taking a nap on my hand
Taking a nap on my hand

So, what next… My wife got some kitchen roll & smeared some honey on it to hopefully give him some energy. After a few minutes of dozing the bee woke up & started lapping away at the honey πŸ˜ƒ

After another few minutes of him lapping away at the honey, I was able to entice him onto the kitchen roll & set them down in the sun. After another few minutes of drying, recharging & feeding he took off & joined his friends in the hebe hedge 😁

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