Snowy Path — Lensball Playtime #4

Hi all 😁 I was out early this morning to see if I could get a couple of sunrise shots with my lensball for LPM’s Photo Adventure Challenge, but no such luck (here’s the pic).

I did, however, get a few shots on the way home of a snowy path through some trees 😀 The main difficulty was the light levels, and hence quite a slow shutter speed. This of course accentuated any movement, so not all shots came out as desired; out of focus/blurry (last couple of shots).


11 thoughts on “Snowy Path — Lensball Playtime #4

  1. Never considered a lens ball, but I can see how it opens up such a new path for taking photos. Thanks for the pictures.

    1. Your welcome, Geri 😊 The lensball is a lot of fun to play around with & opens up a new dimension. I’m still learning the ropes, so there will be other posts with lensy 😃

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