Daisy Cottage — Lensball Playtime #9

Hi all 😃 I was taking some shots of Daisy Cottage, one of my Lilliput Lane miniatures, with some daisies, and thought it might work with a lensball 😃

Daisy Cottage in a lensball
Daisy Cottage in a lensball

Reflections in a Sunflower — Lensball Playtime #8

Hi all 😃 I was playing with lensy the other day with a sunflower thinking it may be an interesting subject for a lensball, with a few odd effects. One thing I learnt is that shooting objects that are dark, whilst outdoors is problematic with unwanted light reflection, particularly sky & clouds; they often hide the subject.

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A Photo A Week Challenge: Anything

Hi all 😃 My entry for Nancy’s A Photo A Week Challenge: Anything.

I thought I’d follow Nancy’s lead with some lensball shots of my own. The last shot is of a slightly wet & grubby lensy after he fell off the monopod into some grass 😂

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Careful What You Wish For, Brian 😈

Hi all 😁 You’ve got Brian at Bushboy (☜ click here to see a load of awesome photos from Australia) to thank for this post.

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Orange through a Lensball — Lensball Playtime #7 and Friendly Friday

Hi all 😁 A 2fer this week. I saw Sandy’s Friendly Friday: Re-Imagine Orange, & thought this might be a good time to play around with my lensball indoors with orange things around the house 😃.

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Sunrise — Lensball Playtime #6

Hi all 😁 and welcome to my latest lensball playtime.

I had no idea I was going to make a series out of this, but here we are. Although not a challenge as such, if you are a fan of lensball photography, feel free to link (pingback) to my posts. That way, myself & others out there can see what ideas you are coming up with for these fun accessories & add the tag Lensball Playtime. There will be no defined posting schedule, it’s pretty much as & when I can get out to play 😃

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Carnations — Lensball Playtime #5

Hi all 😁 My latest playtime came about form me getting some shots of a bunch of pink carnations for a few challenges; so out came the lensball as well 😀

It took me a while to get dialled in on the flowers with the lensball (the camera was either too close to the lensball, or the lensball was too close to the flowersor both (last 3 pics)), but perseverance pays off!

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Snowy Path — Lensball Playtime #4

Hi all 😁 I was out early this morning to see if I could get a couple of sunrise shots with my lensball for LPM’s Photo Adventure Challenge, but no such luck (here’s the pic).

I did, however, get a few shots on the way home of a snowy path through some trees 😀 The main difficulty was the light levels, and hence quite a slow shutter speed. This of course accentuated any movement, so not all shots came out as desired; out of focus/blurry (last couple of shots).

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