Simple Elegance — Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #91

Hi all 😁 here’s my entry for Patti’s simplicity challenge.

As soon as I saw Patti’s challenge, my immediate thought was of the simplicity of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s designs, and the elegance that comes from them πŸ˜ƒ

15 thoughts on “Simple Elegance — Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #91

  1. Ahh. Beautiful. Is that the Glasgow museum? I was there about 35 years ago. One of my favorite periods of design and architecture.

      1. Thanks. I see there are many ‘Glasgow museums’ for Mackintosh. I was there around 1990, I suspect at the Kelvingrove.

  2. Very interesting approach to the challenge Jez. I’d not heard of Macintosh but agree w Patti, reminiscent of FL Wright – a much-celebrated architect here in the US

  3. Interesting style, Jez. It reminds me a bit of Frank Lloyd Wright’s. I agree. The lines are simple and elegant. Glad you shared them!

      1. I can see the similarities in work from the two of them; they both seem to tend toward bold, linear architecture as the grand statement. But from what I can see, where FLW’s work tends towards the geometric in detail, CRM’s work because softer with curves & more organic shapes featuring. Definately a fan of both styles.

Great to hear your thoughts πŸ˜ƒ