Autumnal Beauty and Skwurrels — LAPC #106

Hi all 😃 Here’s my entry to this weeks autumn challenge, set Patti.

Autumn can be dreich & windy, but often come around those days where the world seems to have been washed clean; the skies are bluer, the colours more vibrant. The shadows lengthen, bringing greater contrast to the view & a smattering of skwurrels 😃

… and the perfect accompaniment 😃

22 thoughts on “Autumnal Beauty and Skwurrels — LAPC #106

  1. Jez – you got carried away this week!! Is autumn your favorite season? Your squirrels are so cute but here they are rather like vermin – chewing through water lines and eating the bird feed! I have a love/hate relationship with them 🙃 And your pumpkin-head fellow is truly frightening looking. I shall stay away from him thank you!

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    1. I haven’t had the time recently to put due effort to the Lens-Artists challenge, so when I had the opportunity this week, I did go a bit overboard — I promise I’ll dial it back for next week 😊 We’re lucky that our squirrels are no way near as destructive as your guys 😃

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  2. My favorite is Mr Sqwurrel in #2. He looks like banker in a squirrel suit 😉 I’m glad at least one bird had a chance at the bird seed 🙂


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