Palacerigg Country Park — Fan Of… #79

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This week’s Fan Of… is Palacerigg Country Park.

This is an area of countryside to the south-west of Cumbernauld, Scotland. It contains areas of open moorland, interspersed with patches of woodland. Within the park boundaries sits Fannyside Lochs (Fan Of… #44), & a visitor centre (will be in a later post). There are quite a few stables around so there were some horses to talk to as well πŸ˜‚

These shots are from my recent trek around the park, with very varying conditions as you will see, & plenty of opportunities to play with my lensball πŸ˜ƒ

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17 thoughts on “Palacerigg Country Park — Fan Of… #79

  1. Great photos πŸ˜€

    Pfft see those 2 white horses (without coats). I was over a few weeks ago and one had plenty flies….got bitten and took an allergic reaction πŸ™ Ended up floored and on pencillin! Right side of my face was swollen. Lovely creatures though..was moaning and boyfriend said it wasn’t the horse’s fault!!!!!

    And got a great photo to that mushroom too! Superb.

    Quick question….have you ever seen any frogs or toads up there? If so where is the best place to see them?

    1. I’ve not seen any frogs or toads up there, but there must be plenty about. I would think the best place might be in the ponds around the badger trail. Ouch with the fly bite; I’ll need to remember to keep my distance, good thing I’ve a decent zoom lens πŸ˜‚

      1. I have tried there several times – seen a newt once but he was too quick for me to snap. Got a great photo of a dragonfly there though <3 I have scoured the whole of Palacerigg looking for them 😐 They must be social distancing and not dating lol.

        Eh yeah those 2 are the worst for flies, the ones in the fields on either side are okay. I just shot with my phone a Huawei P9 Pro, it does me but the zoom ain't great. I have a better camera for my nail polish blogs, but it doesn't leave the house haha!

        The worst part about it all…..2 doctors misdiagnosed me as having facial/ocular shingles and was on an anti-viral, but I have never had chicken pox – which I did stress to both!!!! Then it took a very lovely optician to get the right diagnosis, then on penicillin and was soon on the mend! Was glad, as shingles is pretty bad, esp on the face! Bit nervous to visit the horses but my wee one likes seeing them. Definitely will be keeping my distance, pity as they are gorgeous πŸ˜€

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