Stealing Squirrel Food! — Sunday Stills

Hi all 😃 My latest entry for Terri’s Sunday Stills: Feeding Those Birds.

Everyone always complains about squirrels stealing the bird food; in my garden it’s the opposite. I have bird feeders & squirrel feeders, & more often than not, the birds are on the squirrel feeders 😂

It gets quite comical when doos decide to land on the squirrel boxes 🤣

Occasionaly, the birds do use their own feeders 😃

…and finally, a gosling stampede when some fresh bread was thrown for them 😂

Gosling stampede
Gosling stampede

8 thoughts on “Stealing Squirrel Food! — Sunday Stills

  1. OMG those babies look too cute <3 and clever birds. The guy next to me feeds the pigeons, so get a lot on my wall and they are fun to watch.

  2. Stampeding gooslings are cute. I remember stampeding goose in a park (about 200 of them). That was definitely not cute but quite frightening to my then small boys.

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