Stealing Squirrel Food! — Sunday Stills

Hi all 😃 My latest entry for Terri’s Sunday Stills: Feeding Those Birds.

Everyone always complains about squirrels stealing the bird food; in my garden it’s the opposite. I have bird feeders & squirrel feeders, & more often than not, the birds are on the squirrel feeders 😂

It gets quite comical when doos decide to land on the squirrel boxes 🤣

Occasionaly, the birds do use their own feeders 😃

…and finally, a gosling stampede when some fresh bread was thrown for them 😂

Gosling stampede
Gosling stampede

Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge — Birds in Colour and Mono

Hi all 😃 My entry for Lisa’s Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge.

Muscovy Duck in Palacerigg Country Park

Drake Mallard Duck in Palacerigg Country Park

Magpie in Bellahouston Park

Ravens in Cumbernauld House Park

A Conspiracy — Bird of the Day Nov 04

Hi all 😁 These four corbies (ravens) are living up to their group name; a conspiracy. A group of corbies can also be known as an unkindness or a constable, dependant on their behaviour. These four definitely look like they are up to something nefarious!

A conspiracy of corbies by Jez Braithwaite
Act natural guys, he’s got a camera…