Man-made and Natural — Lens-Artists Challenge #141: Geometry

Hi all 😃 My entry for this weeks challenge, set by Patti: Geometry.

Man-made geometric structures

Natural geometric patterns

…and finally, bending straight lines with Lensy!

27 thoughts on “Man-made and Natural — Lens-Artists Challenge #141: Geometry

  1. I love how you organized your collection, Jez. Great idea and great images, too. I’m curious about the 3rd image in nature. The black and white one. It looks like a reflection?

    1. Thank you, Patti 😊 The third pic is a macro of a frozen raindrop on the inner curve of a leaf; it’s acting as a lensball and the image inside is of the surrounding hedge. What fascinated me was the multi-sided cell structure just visible on the surface of the ice!

  2. That first one (the roof) could be funnel – I feel I’m drawn in, falling … great picture. The whole collection is wonderful. I prefer the man-made shapes because they are new for me.

  3. Sorry Haven’t been here for some time because I am working on several (not computer) projects at the same time. You are very welcome to join All Seasons (open between Sunday and Wednesday night). It’s about the experience of the Season, and goes beyond nature
    Link by a permalink in a comment underneath the post:)

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