Lensy’s View of the Falkirk Wheel — Fan Of… #114

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This week’s Fan Of… Lensy’s view of the Falkirk Wheel.

These first two shots were taken at the lock entrance to the wheel basin, & the wheel in the background looks like a giant bird head.

Join me again next week for a post about our new bikes & how we’re getting on with them 😃

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15 thoughts on “Lensy’s View of the Falkirk Wheel — Fan Of… #114

  1. I didn’t know you hosted a challenge, Jez. Would you be interested in doing an interview with me for my Challenge Host Interview Series? Are you e-bikers? We just got ours this winter, and rode quite a bit in the spring. In the hot weather we are not doing much, but plan to start again in the fall. I love the giant bird picture of the wheel. Lensy must get dizzy seeing everything upside down. 🙂

    1. Hi Marsha, more than happy to do an interview with you. I also host the Water Water Everywhere challenge. Yes, we are e-bikers; we only got our bikes last month but have already travelled a fair distance on them. Lensy does get dizzy sometimes 😂

      1. LOL, Jez. This is great. Please send me you email by my contact me page and I’ll chat with you by email. 🙂

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