Peace Cairn — PPAC #17

Hi all 😃 My latest entry for Marsha & Cee’s Photographing Public Art Challenge, hosted this week by Marsha (great to have you back, Marsha).

The Peace Cairn by Elspeth Bennie can be found in Bellahouston Park, at the front of House for an Art Lover. The stone peace cairn was erected for the 1838 Empire Exhibition and has numerous shaped blocks of stone within it, on which are engraved the names of the organisations and clans that attended the exhibition; the very real possibility of war was a deep concern. The modern steel globe a top the cairn was added in July 2004 and features ‘Peace’ in differnt languages. We have three words for ‘Peace’ in Scots: pace, lown, saucht.

2 thoughts on “Peace Cairn — PPAC #17

  1. What an appropriate PPAC for these troubled times, Jez. For that matter, when has there ever been a time that wasn’t troubled somewhere in the world. This is a wonderful reminder or what we want in life.

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