Feeling Blue — Lens-Artists Challenge #195

Hi all πŸ˜ƒ My entry for this weeks challenge, set by Anne from Slow Shutter Speed: Colourful Expressions.

I don’t know why the colour blue is associated with feeling bad; to me, it’s bright blue skies, warmth & happiness. Like this guy enjoying the Californian sun.

I do also like multiple bright colours.

…but I always end up with blue in the shot. These next pics were taken on Santa Monica Pier, lots of colours but with a fantastic blue backdrop. I even wrote two posts about blue sky backdrops in my Fan Of… series #65 & #66 (☜ follow the links for the actual posts).

I soon started to actively seek out blue sky backdrops; they make architecture standout, particularly when shooting a mirrored building.

Trying to get the blue sky backdrop does lead to some different perspectives; these next shots were taken in my back garden with bouquets on a fence. To cut out the surrounding buildings, I had to get down low & shoot upwards.

Lensy likes blue skys as well. The blue in the shots is deeper & more concentrated at the top of the sphere.

22 thoughts on “Feeling Blue — Lens-Artists Challenge #195

  1. Terrific post Jez. You know how much I love lensy and your blues this week are really marvelous. We have good friends in Santa Monica and I’ve never gone up to shoot the pier. Will correct that post haste!

    1. Thanks, Tina 😊 The pier is such a great place to visit. Those shots were taken in February & the light was fantastic; it is a place so full of colour & atmosphere πŸ˜ƒ They sometimes have classic car shows on the pier as well which is great to see 😎

  2. Oh my gosh Jez, there’s so much to like about this post. But, my mind keeps coming back to that colorful crochet covered bench. And I’m so glad that Lensy made an appearance too.

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