Canal Reflections — Water Water Everywhere #124

Hi all 😁 Feel free to join in whenever you have a water picture to post (any type of water, in any state, will do). See below for how to join the fun 😁

Forth & Clyde Canal
Forth & Clyde Canal

How To Join In

  1. Create a Water Water Everywhere Photo Post.
  2. Add a link to your WWE blog post in my comment box or create a pingback by linking to my post.
  3. Title your post Water Water Everywhere or add WWE tag.

Hae a guid week 😁

33 thoughts on “Canal Reflections — Water Water Everywhere #124

  1. I’m in hospital, I may have some in reserve, for 125. However we’ve not been near any other water than our own beach for ages. OBTW. Everyone, you have created some heartening photos this week

      1. Ooooft, I was just reading up on it; hopefully, like most cases, it won’t cause too much of a problem & it can be treated without surgery 🀞

      2. The problem is I have a narrow bowel and am prone to blockage . If we could prevent this it might heal,I own shares in the laxative industry.

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