The Rule of Thirds — Lens-Artists Challenge #197

Hi all πŸ˜ƒ My entry for this week’s challenge, set by Tina.

The rule of thirds is, to me, more of a guideline than a rigid instruction. That being said, I do apply it quite a lot in my compositions.

This Kelpies shot is one of my favourites, with the snow-covered hills in the background.

The Kelpies
The Kelpies

The rule lends itself well to flowers; the first shot, in particular, works for me with the bright white rhodies against the natural blue sky backdrop.

As Tina points out, the rule of thirds doesn’t work if the subject is facing or moving out of the shot; with these animals, I’ve made sure that they are going the right way.

I like shooting into the sun when it’s low in the sky, but always make sure it’s off to the side & doesn’t dominate the picture.

Even Lensy gest in on the action with the rule of thirds. Sometimes the shot works well with him in the centre, although he can mask some of the subject…

Clackmannan Tower House
Clackmannan Tower House

…so moving him off to the side means the subject can be seen properly.

…and finally, some more Lensy shots.

26 thoughts on “The Rule of Thirds — Lens-Artists Challenge #197

  1. Jez, your shots with the Lensy are great; very creative. Composition of The Kelpies is quite good and the snow-covered mountains really add to the picture. Love all of your pictures.

  2. Great response to this challenge Jez! I especially liked that you gave Lensy some of the spotlight. He certainly turned things upside down, especially when place on a rule of thirds grid. I also liked all your other photos.

  3. The Kelpies are gorgeous! Always like seeing your pictures of them. Also liked the simplicity of the sheep photo, Jez.

  4. What a terrific response to the 3rds challenge.That last and first lensy photos are my favorite lensy photos …..EVER! The Kelpies are a close second. All of your photos are excellent Jez.

  5. Fabulous collection, Jez. Just wonderful images. I love how you use Lensy. I’m going to explore that some more. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you so much, Patti 😊 I look forward to seeing some of your lens ball shots; I’m always keen to see how others use them πŸ€”

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