Surrealism Without Photoshop — Lens-Artists Challenge #209

Hi all πŸ˜ƒ My entry for this week’s challenge, set by Tracy of Reflections of an Untidy Mind: Surreal.

I thought this was going to be a real tough one as I headed into my archives.

This first shot was taken in Glasgow & is unedited; it looks like it could be made of 2 or 3 different pictures.

Glasgow skyline
Glasgow skyline

Then I remembered Lensy, he can make things look quite surreal on his own.

I don’t have photoshop, so my wife suggested I use some of the effects in Canva to edit Lensy’s shots; below are the results (the original is the first of each gallery).


Picnic Table

In the Woods

40 thoughts on “Surrealism Without Photoshop — Lens-Artists Challenge #209

  1. Lensy does a great job, and Canva added some cool adjustments. I like the mosaics best overall, but the curvy lines look amazing as did the jagged one that looked like a saw blade. Thanks for sending me these, Jez!

  2. Beautifully done Jez, I especially love the ones with lensy and the sunrise image chosen as your header is fabulous and would make a great print or greeting card πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

  3. Lensy is already a helpful friend, but your wife and Canva made the photos even more surreal. My favorite effect is the swirly distortion for the picnic table.

  4. Intrigued by your experimentation with Lensy and Canva. Such interesting results. Loved the effect created with the third sunrise where it looks like the left side is starting to burst.

  5. Wow Jez – and thank you to your wife and Lensy! Terrific examples, love especially the cracked ones. Never heard of canva though!

    1. Thanks, Leya 😊 Canva is an Australian graphic design platform; its geared mostly towards poster creation & content creation for social media!

  6. Wow, you gotta be happy with that, Jez. Very funky. It might be a sign of where my mind is but I particularly like the ones that look like they are being ripped apart, symbolic of the fabric of the universe ripping apart.

  7. Kudos to your wife, the real star this week Jez! Lensy did help out for sure. My favorites this week are the ones that look like they’re all cracked – terrific creativity this week!

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