March for Independence — RDP

Hi all 😃 My post for Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Column.

A column of people marching for Scottish Independence.

Independence march
Independence march

…and now some other columns in Glasgow.

5 thoughts on “March for Independence — RDP

  1. How do you feel about a Scotland that is truly Scotland? I actually like the idea,depends on how attached folk are to the KJV Bible ergo James 6th Scotland, James 1st England. Sort of pun out to have said The house of Windsor

    1. I’m all for an independent Scotland; Susan & I have been on several pro-independence marches. Afterall, we should all have the right to self determination; something that Westminster is dead set against. At the end of day, we have a more socialist outlook in Scotland & are fed up being told what to do by a corrupt & greedy capitalist system that hasn’t been voted for up here for well over 60 years.

Great to hear your thoughts 😃