One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge — March 2023

Hi all 👋 My first entry for Xingfumama’s processing challenge.

All my editing for this post was done using Canva.

This is the original; a shot of Ravenscraig Castle, Kirkcaldy.

Ravenscraig Castle
Ravenscraig Castle

First up is my favourite for this post, a mosaic edit using the smallest mosaic size. One thing I’ve learnt from trying the mosaic edit on different shots is that it prefers busy pictures to split up. I tried it on the ship at sunrise that I featured last month, & it didn’t work at all (there wasn’t enough detail for the edit to work on).

Next is a black & white line edit.

Lastly, an antiq filter.

4 thoughts on “One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge — March 2023

  1. I love all of these! It is true that different filters can work brilliantly or “meh” depending on the photo. Keeps us on our toes: we can’t just choose one and apply it willy-nilly.

  2. That’s another moody ruin I’m seeing today. I agree – I like the mosaic version. It plunges the whole scenery in pastel colours, quite different to original.

Great to hear your thoughts 😃