Mixed Autumn Foliage — Cellpic Sunday Nov 21

Hi all 😃 This is my latest post for John’s Cellpic Sunday.

Autumn foliage
Autumn foliage

Unintended Effects — Cellpic Sunday

Hi all 😃 This is my latest post for John’s Cellpic Sunday.

On my way to work the other morning, the moon was very bright, and hanging low above some buildings, so I thought I’d take a few shots with my phone.

The first was very blurry with a lot of camera shake.

A lot of camera shake
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Winter Brightness — BrightSquares Apr 13 and One-to-Three Photo Processing

Hi all 😃 My entry for Becky’s April BrightSquares & the SquirrelChase’s April Challenge.

Seemed an obvious to combine the two challenges in the one post. I’ve done some very basic editing on this one, using Apple’s embedded photo editing software.

The original

The first edit is a basic square crop, normal way up & inverted.

Square crop, normal & inverted

For the next edit, I dropped the light to it’s lowest setting. A lot of detail in the shot is lost, but the colours really come into their own with a rich contrast between the blue & yellow.

Minimal light setting
Minimal light setting

The opposite, this time. I ramped the light setting right up; the colours wash out to a degree, but the foreground detail in Lensy & the ice covered log he’s sat on become discernible.

Max light setting
Max light setting

Trying something different this time — I’ve desaturated shots before to give a washed out look, but never single colours. For this one I desaturated all the colours apart from blue to give a colder feel to match the sub zero temperature that this was shot in. The difference is quite subtle, hence the slider (the left hand shot is the original).

All colours but blue desaturated

No Buckets to be Seen — CFFC

Hi all 😃 My entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pail or Pale.

I haven’t got any pail pics, so had to make do with pale pics instead.

These fisrt two shots have a background made pale by haze & distance.

These next are pale flowers.

Normally vivid autumn colours made pale by frost.

De-saturated in editing.

…and finally, a normally vivid Malibu sunset made almost pastel by smoke from wildfires.

Malibu sunset
Malibu sunset