Glasgow Botanic Gardens: Kibble Palace Pt 2

So here we are, No 3 in the Botanic Garden Series; following on from the Buildings and Grounds and Kibble Palace Pt 1. We now go into the main area, the largest of the Palace glass houses. The main glass house is an impressive building when seen from without and within, and has an exotic array of colourful flowers and ferns.

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Within the central area is the National Tree Fern Collection; the many different greens of the lofty tree ferns set off the white pillars and glass of the structure. This makes the dome seem quite delicate for all the weight of iron and glass that have gone into its construction. These first pictures show the impressive dome and the ferns within. Also what I call the toilet brush flower (hint: it’s the bright red one).

Surrounding the central area are colourful displays from around the world: Temperate Asia, Australasia, South America and Southern Africa. Dotted throughout the exhibits are various statues, each with their own story. The following images are from these vibrant collections of flowers; I hope you enjoy them.

My wife and I really enjoyed our time at the Botanic Gardens, but as with most of Glasgow’s fantastic attractions, more than one day is required to explore these delights fully. There are still more glass houses to visit at the Botanic Gardens, and there will be more photos to come.


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