Lens-Artists Photo Challenge — Unique

Hi all, and thanks to Amy for this week’s challenge — Unique — and thanks also for your images of the temple. I thought long and hard about what it means to be unique until I turned my attention to nature and soon realised that unique is everywhere. My entry for this weeks challenge doesn’t stop on one particular thing, but I guess you could say is a celebration of the vast variety of “uniqueness” out there (and yes, I do like galleries).

My first pictures are of some beach art that I came across on Broughty Ferry Beach, just outside of Dundee. Not only is each piece unique, so too are the bits of driftwood and pebbles that go to make them.

Plants, although of the same type, i.e. roses, can be very different in structure and colour. The same can be said for toadstools; the two shown are of the same variety but unique in shape and size.

Ripples on a pool, waves in the sea.

Snow and ice; not only are the individual snowflakes and ice crystals unique themselves, how they land or form on objects makes them in turn unique. Add in the wind, and no two drifts, cornices, or patterns in the snow are the same.

Sunrise and sunset.


Glasgow’s architecture.

And finally, my last thoughts on unique; a snow squirrel, a wall of cars, and these guys 🤪

Great to hear your thoughts 😃