Lens-Artists Weekly Challenge — Serenity

A big thanks to Tina for this week’s challenge — Serenity, and also for her “most tranquil” photos (yep, it’s a Bill and Ted reference ðŸĪŠ). My thoughts on serenity are places that I’ve visited that bring a sense of calm in what can be an otherwise chaotic existence; places that take the mind elsewhere, be it to a different location or a cherished memory.

Sunrises and sunsets are always a time of peace, particularly when enjoyed from a deck with my wife and a glass of wine.

These next photos were from my time in the North-east of Scotland. My wife and I were renovating our house at the time with all the stresses involved. It was a bright sunny day, so we took the camera for a walk for a break, and a snowstorm came our way. To most, this would have been a concern, but for us, with decent winter gear on, and not far from home, it was genuinely calming; even in the midst of the storm.

Bodies of water always seem to be a draw to me (probably something to do with my twenty years in the Navy). Fannyside Lochs, near to Palacerigg Country Park are always a good place to visit and relax; in both summer and winter.

Off the beaten track wooded glades need no explanation.

A historic battlefield, in this case, the one at Bannockburn, is not a place that would typically be associated with serenity. At Bannockburn, however, the layout of the site with raised planters, surrounded by natural woodland and the sympathetic memorials make it a very relaxing place to spend time and wander around.

And finally, sat at my desk, listening to Pink Floyd, a cube of wax slowly melting in an oil burner, writing about, and looking at photos that bring calm — serenity. 🙏

6 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Weekly Challenge — Serenity

  1. Hi, Jez. Wonderful to meet you here. I enjoyed your collection of beautiful, serene images. We haven’t been to Scotland yet, but it’s on our list. Maybe 2020? Glad you joined us this week!

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