Lens-Artists Weekly Challenge — Serenity

A big thanks to Tina for this week’s challenge — Serenity, and also for her “most tranquil” photos (yep, it’s a Bill and Ted reference 🤪). My thoughts on serenity are places that I’ve visited that bring a sense of calm in what can be an otherwise chaotic existence; places that take the mind elsewhere, be it to a different location or a cherished memory.

Sunrises and sunsets are always a time of peace, particularly when enjoyed from a deck with my wife and a glass of wine.

These next photos were from my time in the North-east of Scotland. My wife and I were renovating our house at the time with all the stresses involved. It was a bright sunny day, so we took the camera for a walk for a break, and a snowstorm came our way. To most, this would have been a concern, but for us, with decent winter gear on, and not far from home, it was genuinely calming; even in the midst of the storm.

Bodies of water always seem to be a draw to me (probably something to do with my twenty years in the Navy). Fannyside Lochs, near to Palacerigg Country Park are always a good place to visit and relax; in both summer and winter.

Off the beaten track wooded glades need no explanation.

A historic battlefield, in this case, the one at Bannockburn, is not a place that would typically be associated with serenity. At Bannockburn, however, the layout of the site with raised planters, surrounded by natural woodland and the sympathetic memorials make it a very relaxing place to spend time and wander around.

And finally, sat at my desk, listening to Pink Floyd, a cube of wax slowly melting in an oil burner, writing about, and looking at photos that bring calm — serenity. 🙏

6 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Weekly Challenge — Serenity

  1. Hi, Jez. Wonderful to meet you here. I enjoyed your collection of beautiful, serene images. We haven’t been to Scotland yet, but it’s on our list. Maybe 2020? Glad you joined us this week!

  2. Nicely done. Love lochs, love snow, love sunsets, green trees, plants, and flowers. Just can’t smell the wax. I am drinking wine. With the wife.

  3. A wonderful assortment Jez, looks like your home is in a wonderful spot! We loved our visit to Scotland a few years back and found much of it so peaceful and pastoral.

Great to hear your thoughts 😃