Macro Ice and a Couple of Grapes

Hi all 😁 Welcome to one of my random posts.

I’d gone out this morning to refill the squirrel boxes & bird feeders and saw what I thought were water droplets on the washing line. It turns out that they were actually frozen solid. Photo op I thought, so dived back inside to grab snappy and the new 10+ macro filter I’d been wanting to try.

The filter was part of a kit I’d recently bought but not yet had chance to use. The only downside to the filter is that it makes the focus function on the camera very sensitive so even the lightest breeze or camera sway can take the shot in & out of focus. On the plus side, you the detail it brings to the shot is phenomenal; you can actually see the trapped air bubbles in the ice 😲 I also took a couple of shots of some grapes once back in doors. Here are the results πŸ˜ƒ

Macro ice
Macro ice

These are some other shots of ice in the backyard.

And the grapes!

14 thoughts on “Macro Ice and a Couple of Grapes

  1. The frozen drops are beautiful! πŸ’™ And well, who doesn’t love grapes! Very nice! I love taking macro photos. And I agree, sometimes it is very hard to focus. I focus on what is most important to me, and enjoy the blurs πŸ™‚

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