A Huge Thank You 🙏

As I continue to recover from my appendectomy, & dip my toes back into WordPress, I’d just like to say a huge thank you to all you awesome folk out there sending their best wishes my way.

I had hoped to be back up & running on WordPress earlier. However, my body had a different idea; it would seem that recovering from an operation takes a lot more brain power than I had anticipated & quelled the creative spirit.

I must be getting back to normalcy now & I have my weekly Fan Of… & Water Water Eveywhere challenges back up & running. I look forward to getting back into photo taking & taking part in all your inspirational challenges. I will get round to all your great comments that have come in over the last few weeks.

Again, a huge thank you & have a great week 😃

40 thoughts on “A Huge Thank You 🙏

  1. Hey Jez,
    Good to see you back. Proper rest after a surgery is definitely a very big must and I know it myself from what I went through last month 🙂
    Hope to see your amazing captures in coming days. Take care!

  2. Welcome back Jez and hope you will continue to feel better and better 🌞

  3. Good to see you back and lovely photos 😀

    Hope you are feeling back to normal real soon. Do you still have the good sense of smell or has that gone?

    1. Thanks, Ananka 😊 I think I’m going to be back to normal & back at work in time for the Xmas madness (lucky me 😩), & yes, my sense of smell is still better than it was 😂

      1. Just in time for the rush! Unless we hit lockdown…talking about Level 4 for Lanarkshire and Glasgow 🙁 I really hope not.

        Haha that is mad, getting a good sense of smell! I bet your walks are a bit different now being able to smell things! I like the nature walks with all the different smells. I can smell a ciggie from miles away and people (both men and women) often wear too much perfume haha! Glad you are a lot better now 😀

  4. So good to know you are back and recovering well. Surgeries, even smaller ones, take some time to recover from, mentally as well as physically. I’ve had a few so I know. Take your time and we will be here happy to see your photos!

  5. Hi Jez, as a person who had surprise appendicitis years ago, I know how you feel. I’m glad you are on the road to recovery. It does indeed take a great deal of brain power to operate online. I asked a couple of bloggers to take over Sunday Stills in summer 2019 the weeks before and after my foot surgery. Take it easy and feel better.

Great to hear your thoughts 😃