Arbroath in Bloom — #PPAC #6

Hi all πŸ˜ƒ My entry for the Photographing Public Art Challenge #6, hosted this week by Cee.

These painted bikes, covered in flowers, can be found throughout Arbroath in the summer.

13 thoughts on “Arbroath in Bloom — #PPAC #6

  1. Such lovely colors. But to honest…and this may be grim.. where I live when I see a bike painted — namely in white and with flowers — it’s because a cyclist got killed by a car. These white bikes serve as memorials for that cyclist and are placed in the area where they got killed. Whenever I pass these white bikes on my way to anywhere, my heart sinks and I wonder “how did that happen?”

    1. Oh that is such a shame, but a nice memorial for those that died. Hopefully, the sight of the bike & flowers will remind motorists to slow down & look out for bikes 🀞

  2. Beautiful, Jez. They remind me of the bicycles in a botanical garden display at the Bellagio several years ago. I’ll send you the link to my post a million years ago if I can find it.

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