Unintended Effects — Cellpic Sunday

Hi all 😃 This is my latest post for John’s Cellpic Sunday.

On my way to work the other morning, the moon was very bright, and hanging low above some buildings, so I thought I’d take a few shots with my phone.

The first was very blurry with a lot of camera shake.

A lot of camera shake

As the moon was so bright, I thought I’d try zooming in on it to increase shutter speed & minimise shake.

This seemed to work quite well, so I went to maximum zoom to see what would happen (I had an inkling that it would probably start to pixelate…).

Zoomed in shot of bright moon
Zoomed in shot of bright moon

…and I was not disappointed. On a phone the image above looks quite reasonable; on a big screen, however, the pitfall of zooming in using a cellphone camera becomes obvious. That said, the pixelation effect makes it look like it’s been edited using the Art Rage Editing software that I’ve used in the past. Art Rage enables you to edit shots in many different ways including looking like oil or water colour paintings. The App is available on desck tops as well as phones & tablets.

2 thoughts on “Unintended Effects — Cellpic Sunday

  1. It’s always tricky to get decent shots of the moon without it overexposing. The final result works well. I’ll have to check out the app. Thanks for participating in Cellpic Sunday!

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