A Trip Round Glasgow — Lens-Artists Challenge #173

Hi all 😃 My entry for this week’s challenge, set by Tina: Interesting Architecture.

Transport Museum

Old Ticket Office, now a Caffè Nero.

Caffè Nero in the Old Ticket Office
Caffè Nero in the Old Ticket Office

Glasgow Tower

Glasgow Tower

Science Centre

Science centre

Armadillo (Scottish Exhibition Centre).

Glasgow Glass Houses — People’s Palace, Tropical Plant House, Kibble Palace.

The Old Templeton Carpet Factory, now a mixture of apartments & businesses.

House for An Art Lover

32 thoughts on “A Trip Round Glasgow — Lens-Artists Challenge #173

  1. Sorry about the many answers from me – my blog does not seem to notice I have already answered! So – it goes on and on as I don’t go to my computer every day.

      1. Sometimes I am in agony about the world. Why are we so impossible? I have read about so many possible ways to go – so why don’t we…The difficulties in slowing down our lifestyle will get worse the longer we wait.

      2. I’m in total agreement; everyone needs to slow down & stop this “must have it this second” lifestyle. Unfortunately the media & big corporations continue to push for consumerism & greed because it increases the money in their wallets. I try to educate where I can about how bikes can be used for transportation & shopping, not just as a means of exercise. There was a period during the pandemic last year when the world did collectively slow down; nature started to re-emerge & the air was visibly cleaner. I had real hope that people might realise they didn’t need to go everywhere by car, that they could wait for things & didn’t need to fly to another country for a break. However, that didn’t happen, & driven by government & corporate greed, they all seem hell bent on making up for lost time 😩

      3. 😟Yes…I had glimpses of hope too. But greed is an innate treat…and lobbyists from oil and other fossil companies are fueled by it. I cannot understand that they don’t see their time is up.

  2. Interestingly we spent a bit of time in Glasgow and never saw any of these Jez! Must admit I’m a bit of a traditionalist and prefer all of the older structures. Does that mean I’m old?! 😊

    1. Definitely not old, just appreciate the finer things in life. I have to admit that I much prefer the older architecture that Glasgow has to offer; you can often see the close links between France & Scotland in the architecture 😃

  3. What a beautiful place Glasgow is, Jez. Thanks for sharing. As usual, I love the pictures of reflections best. Just amazing. The red buildings are so beautiful as well. The architecture there is so varied.

    1. We’re lucky to have a real mixture of old & new’ often right next to one another. Diown by the river is a glass walled building next to a cathedral which gjives some great reflections 😃

  4. Great photos, great variety. The Transport Museum has really had an upgrade. I visited around 1990 when it was in Kelvin Hall, and was impressed by the exhibits at that time.

    1. Thanks, John 😊 I really enjoyed the museum when it was in Kelvin Hall, but there has been much more added at the new site; they still have the recreation of the old Glasgow Street. It’s also improved by having the Glenlee, an old iron hulled 3 mast ship outside 😃

Great to hear your thoughts 😃