Battle in the Mist — Lens-Artists Challenge #212

Hi all 😃 My entry for this week’s challenge, set by Patti: Motion.

This first series of shots was of an aerial battle envolving 3 ravens on a snowy & misty morning. I was shooting at the limit of my 18-300mm zoom in low light conditions which was not ideal. The end result is that the pictures aren’t as crisp as I would normally want, but I think it adds to the overall chaos of aerial combat.

There are of course some more elegant looking forms of flight. I again like the chaos of the 2nd to last shot as the fast & low Heron startles the Scurries into panicked flight.

Then there’s these guys, all making their own bow waves.

There’s manmade motion…

…and slow motion.

There’s motionless, as me & a deer stare at each other during a chance encounter…

…but what could be cuter than a squirrel having a shower…

…apart from some goslings chasing after their mum for some food 😁

23 thoughts on “Battle in the Mist — Lens-Artists Challenge #212

  1. What a fun collection, Jez. I love the duck with the backlit feathers. Gorgeous. And your squirrel is comical! I love how you organized your pics. Wonderful!

  2. Such a great concept, especially the epic battle of the ravens. My favorite photo has to be the ravens against the misty trees. The heron making a splash on the sunlit water too.

Great to hear your thoughts 😃