Diagonals — Lens-Artists Challenge #228

Hi all 😃 My entry for this week’s challenge, set by Patti: Diagonals.

Pyramid Memorial
The Star Pyramid, Stirling.

I’ve gone for diagonals in two different groups; ones that lead the eye to something else & those that are structural.

Starting with leading diagonals; here the bridge leads the eye across to the City of Dundee.

The groynes on the beach take the eye towards the meandering water & then across, towards the far shore.

The pathway leads you out of the Bannockburn Memorial, across to the Statue of Robert The Bruce.

The Canal sides lead you towards the Grumpy Kelpie whilst the other looks on laughing 😂

Diagonals are used everywhere in construction, particularly with bridges.

Finally, leading lines & structural diagonals aplenty.

Clackmannanshire & Kincardine Bridges

16 thoughts on “Diagonals — Lens-Artists Challenge #228

  1. Love your interpretation of diagonals. My favorite was the beach . Kind of an invitation to go explore. And in that photo even the clouds were at a diagonal.

    Nice collection.

Great to hear your thoughts 😃