One Lens to Take Them All — Lens-Artists Challenge #233

Hi all 😃 My entry for this week’s challenge, set by Anne of Slow Shutter Speed.

My catch-all lens is my Sigma 18-300mm zoom.

Anne said to take one lens for a walk; I went for a ride instead (hopefully, that still counts). For days out on the bike, my 18-300mm lens covers all eventualities — macro, through landscapes, to distant objects. A lot of our routes follow the canal networks in Scotland & I’m often shooting across the canal to far objects.

I modified a holster bag to fit my Klik Fix system on the handlebars & Snappy sits comfortably up front, ready for action. If I see something, I can quickly stop, grab snappy from the front, take the shot & be on my way again.

My chosen lens can give me a landscape shot with sheep in it or get me right into the field with them without climbing fences 😂

It’s great for canal landscapes (canalscapes??? is there such a term; if not, I’m copywriting it).

Distant objects become much clearer.

Even wildlife that is reasonably close becomes much sharper.

A versatile lens, it works very well in a macro setting.

Some of my favourite shots were taken of distant hielan coos in a field across the canal; the final one with the calf & its mum is definitely one of my favourites.

32 thoughts on “One Lens to Take Them All — Lens-Artists Challenge #233

  1. Beautiful world you live in , Jez! Of course I must chime in with the mama and the little one. Such a versatile lens well packed!

  2. Honestly, hands down, the kissing mama, was a fave. So sweet. I love that you shared your bag and how you get around on your bike, with it. That is often the true challenge, isn’t it? I also love the swans, the flowering tree, and the path along the canal. You have convinced me, I need to make that my “go to” lens. Have a nice weekend, Jez.

  3. Well Jez, of course you knew the mum and calf would be a favorite for everyone, present company included!! There is much to be said for a good zoom lens as you’ve clearly shown. And I loved your canalscapes 😊

Great to hear your thoughts 😃