Backlit — Lens-Artists Challenge #247

Hi all 😃 My entry for this week’s challenge, set by Ann-Christine.

Backlit flowers are always great for being able to see them in detail.

For these next shots, I had the light source behind the alstroemeria; you can really see the construction & detail of the petals; great for macro shots.

The sun glinting through the trees is always a favourite; you can get great flare off the lens with an added bonus of shadows & silhouettes.

The sun through the foliage of this horse chestnut tree really picks out the autumn colours.

Backlit clouds can create great reflections & shadows as well as explode in colour.

I like to have a bit of fun with composition with subjects & backlighting. Here, one of the Kelpies looks to be eating the sun.

Next I have the sun & moon respectively being cradled by branches.

A great double sunburst at the canal for the next shot.

Lensy likes a bit of backlighting as well, first with a candle…

…& then some lens-flares with the sun.

The colours on this wee bridge in a play-park really show up well with the sun shining through.

Finally, a backlit scene of a hielan coo having an early morning drink at the canal.

16 thoughts on “Backlit — Lens-Artists Challenge #247

  1. Stellar gallery, Jez. I love the macro detail of the flowers, the moon in the tree branches, the sun over the lake, and like so many others the rainbow was a fabulous place to be at the right time! In my opinion I think you saved the best for last. The cow… Well done.

  2. Beautiful captures backlit, Jez! I can see you had some fun too – and lensy is there as well. Great! I love the flowers and landscapes extra, and the rainbow bridge.

  3. Jez, your selection of pictures is great! I especially like your flower images and nature scenes, these are beautifully captured – so sharp with lots of details.

  4. What a fabulous gallery Jez. The rainbow bridge – I thought you had done some magic with lensy at first 😂

Great to hear your thoughts 😃