Asymmetry — Lens-Artists Challenge #274

Hi all 😃 My entry for this week’s challenge, set by Donna of Wind Kisses.

This chance shot I took a couple of days ago seemed a good lead-off point when I saw Donna’s subject. My wife had placed a vase of flowers next to a lamp at the top of the stairs & the composition had me reaching for my camera.

Lamp & Vase
Lamp & Vase

Asymmetry abounds in natural settings, even when there’s a helping hand from the man-made world.

The following shots were me practising with my new DSLR some 13 years ago, playing around with composition.

Now for some architectural asymmetry.

The following shots feature my pocket watches. At first glance, they are symmetrical until you look closer at the face, the hands & the internal workings.

Anyone who follows me & my blog will know all about Lensy; he is, after all, quite a regular player in various challenges. When I first got him, I made him the centre of the picture & looked at the world in an inverted & distorted manner.

While this gives a different perspective, having the background visible can lead to a more interesting shot. These next shots are some of my favourite asymmetrical Lensy pics.

Often, I use a wide aperture for a narrow depth of field to make the image in Lensy the main focus with an out-of-focus background to give an idea of the whole setting.

Sometimes, though, it’s good to increase the depth of field to show more detail of the subject.

Thanks for stopping by & have a great week 😃

13 thoughts on “Asymmetry — Lens-Artists Challenge #274

  1. Ah, dear Lensy on the loose! Great entry, Jez, and I totally fell in love with the tree stump one – many colours and several structures. But indeed all of them are wonderful!

  2. Absolutely stunning shots, sweetie! The interplay of asymmetry in both natural and man-made settings is beautifully showcased. And it wouldn’t be complete without Lensy stealing the show! Keep up the fantastic work! 😃

  3. Loved that Lensy came out to play. So many gorgeous views. The old castle, the mossy log and the tree stump are beautiful. Asymmetrical present everywhere throughout all your images. Such a joy to look over them. So many to love. The grassy field with the power lines was fantastic. To think something that we often try to avoid (power lines) can be so pretty and direct our line of vision. I loved that photo. I also that you introduced the pocket watches. What a unique and creative look for us. Thank you. As I have said before. I learn from you and enjoy, your view of the world through your lens…and Lensy.

  4. well Jez, now you’re just showing off!!!! IMHO Lensy is the star this week and every time I see one of your posts featuring it I’m determined to get out and try it. Maybe this week 😊. Beautiful response this week as always

Great to hear your thoughts 😃